Why publish with Red Penguin Books?

Most people have very little idea about how the publishing world works and thus are often unable to choose the path that best suits their book goals and personal needs. Book publishing options generally fall into one of several categories:

“Traditional” Publishers – who will only accept books whose author already has an established following and can practically guarantee at least 10,000 book sales. In the traditional publishing model, the author receives approximately 15% of his/her book’s revenue, and retains none of the creative or administrative rights to the book.

“Vanity” Publishers – who charge steep publication fees, insist upon a minimum print book order, and then take a percentage of book sale revenue as well. In the “vanity” publishing model, the author receives approximately 10-40% of his/her book’s revenue, but retains none of the creative or administrative rights to the book.

“Self” Publishing – nowadays an author has the right and opportunity to publish his/her own manuscripts and will retain all creative and administrative rights to the book, as well as all book royalties. Realistically speaking, self-publication will generally cost between $200-$5000, depending upon the cost and use of editors, book cover designers, print layout professionals and distributors. While you can skip all professional help and go at it alone, you certainly may find yourself spending hundreds of hours and still ending up with a homemade, badly written or designed book.

On the other hand, Red Penguin Books offers publishing services to our authors, so that they can publish the book of their dreams with little stress and total control. Our authors:

  • retain all creative and administrative rights to their books
  • receive 80% book royalties (and 100% of “in-person” sales)
  • finish with a fully edited, professionally laid out book with attractive cover art
  • do not have to order thousands of books in advance – in fact, their books will be printed as they are sold, and shipped out in just 2 days!
  • can purchase books at cost to sell & distribute as they wish
  • can have their books ready and published within one month of receiving the final manuscript

And if you haven’t yet written your book. Red Penguin Books has coaches, editors and ghostwriters ready to help!

Call Stephanie at Red Penguin Books today – because the difference in publishing options is the difference between the book – and terms! – of your dreams and an expensive venture where you lose control of your own creation!