“Loves Garfield” – by Cathy and Robert Kothe

Garfield is one of the most beloved and iconic fictional cats in history. For over 40 years, Garfield has held a prominent place in popular culture from his birth as the headliner of a popular cartoon to his emergence as the emperor of a vast inventory of collectibles, multimedia, software, games, television shows, and motion pictures. His familiar orange face and signature smirk are more recognizable internationally than most heads of state and celebrities.

Cathy Kothe is the current holder of the world record for number of Garfield collectibles and her husband Robert is the Official Collection Cataloger. Together, they seek to give readers an inside look at the Garfield lovers community as well as share trade tips and secrets about the best ways to track down rare items, price and sell collectibles and navigate the online collectors’ world. You certainly don’t need to be a collector to enjoy “Loves Garfield” – and celebrate the world’s beloved “poster cat” for laziness…and lasagne!


World-record holding author available for events and book signings

A portion of the proceeds will go to North Shore Animal League, the world’s largest no-kill shelter


NIGERIA: A FAILED STATE? Profound Treatise on a Crippled Giant

by Robert Nwadiaru

The state of Nigeria rests upon a knife’s edge. Dwindling oil prices, global shifts away from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, and the ubiquity of corruption in the country’s bureaucracy has created palpable fear. It cannot only be felt at the local, state, and national levels, but in communities, schools, and the homes of its citizens.

Despite these issues, as one of the leading oil- and gas-producing countries in the world, Nigeria has a responsibility to lead the African region out of poverty and into the modern world. They have the resources and determination, but it will take overcoming decades of entrenched corruption to find a way forward.

Nigeria: A Failed State? treats in exhaustive detail the history of Robert Nwadiaru’s home nation and the contemporary political, social, and economic obstacles facing the country as it attempts to modernize.




AMIA – An Ongoing Crime

On July 18, 1994 the AMIA building in Buenos Aires was decimated by an explosion that killed 85 people and injured over 400 more. This terrorist attack was made against Asociación Mutual Israelita Argentina, the most influential Jewish philanthropic organization in Argentina. Appearances are often deceiving, and while it appeared that the Argentine government was launching a thorough investigation, the reality was that a government-sponsored smokescreen was covering up the true details of the attack.

Frustrated and stymied, survivors of the attack and families of its victims sought to reveal the truth. To that effect, they enlisted the services of internationally renowned prosecutor of Nazi war criminals Alberto Zuppi to investigate the heinous deed and its coverup. AMIA: An Ongoing Crime is the compelling story of Zuppi’s efforts – from the initial blast to the dramatic closing trial – to plough through the layers of corruption and intrigue to reveal the shocking truth of the case.

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Write That Book!

A recent statistic presented at Book Expo America – one of the largest international publishing conferences in the world – is that over 90% of Americans want to write a book. With a staggering statistic like that, writing a book ranks as high a value as health, happiness and the American Dream for most people. While there is a multitude of reasons why so many want to write a book – perhaps to achieve immortality, to contribute to the world, to pad their own egos, to enhance their own credentials, to express their deepest thoughts – the majority of people will never achieve this universal goal. But why not? Is writing a book harder than, say, brain surgery?

It most certainly doesn’t have to be more difficult than brain surgery – and as an author myself who wouldn’t even consider attempting brain surgery, I can attest to that. Writing a book is certainly an enormous accomplishment, but it doesn’t need to be an insurmountable goal. By breaking down the tasks into their component parts and proceeding one step at a time, you too can join the minority within the majority – the few who have achieved what so many only wish for – to write a book.
 Join me as we embark step by step on this exciting journey.

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365 Reasons to Celebrate!

Pollution. Crime. Natural disasters. War. Addiction. Terrorism. Political unrest. Despite the dire headlines we read every day, there are COUNTLESS reasons to celebrate life and everything that fills it. This book offers a listing of special days and festivities for every day of the calendar year – avoiding the well-known and beloved, like Christmas and the Fourth of July, and instead featuring the offbeat, whimsical and downright silly, such as No Socks Day, Grammar Day and the Festival of Sleep.

Many of these celebrations can easily be used by businesses as marketing tools, by teachers as outlets for creativity and addenda to curriculum, by office managers as team and morale building exercises – or by anyone just looking for an excuse to have some fun! A hashtag # for each holiday is included so that you can tag your social media posts and pictures to be found alongside others celebrating the day.


SCORE on Social Media!

Social Media – you can love it or hate it, but you certainly can’t ignore it. It’s here, it’s where your prospective customers are spending their time, and it isn’t going away!

SCORE on Social Media! navigates you through the confusing maze of rules and expectations of such popular platforms as Facebook, LinkedIn and Google. In 5 easy steps, you – and your business – can be discovered on social media in NO time – and with NO stress!

           Seach the web to find out where your business/organization exists

          Correct misinformation and unflattering material online

          Open profile/business pages on Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Local

          Reach out to your audience both regularly and painlessly

          Evaluate  to gauge your progress

Stephanie has successfully guided her clients through the labyrinth of social media for the past decade, and teaches others to do the same in her popular workshops, webinars, television series, classes and lectures. Now she brings her insights, strategies, and clarity to YOU – you can practically hear her sitting next to you as you read. So stress no longer – and simply pull up a chair to get started.

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Time Was . . .

New York City’s colorful cast of characters is legendary, but few have led the eclectic, adventurous life of Richard M. (“Dick”) Ruggieri, whose lifelong love affair with NYC reads like a Valentine to the city he calls home.

Born and raised in Yorkville, Dick and his family, like so many others, clawed their way through the Great Depression, Dick finding diversion and friendship at the Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church and its myriad social events and programs. Enamored with Big Band and swing music, dancing – and professional boxing, Dick’s tales of his encounters with boxing champions Max Baer and Jack Johnson, his duets with Al Jolson, Martha Raye (and many others) and his waltzing with Katherine Murray are riveting. No less so is the drama of the explosion in the North African campaign of WWII that cost Dick his sight – and eventually one of the world’s first successful cornea transplants.

Segue into marriage and family life, a career in the fast-paced, ever-changing world of advertising, and new homes in Hell’s Kitchen, Richmond Hill and Whitestone, and Dick’s escapades and adventures resonate with a flavor that is unique to New York City.