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Our Author Experience

It has truly been a pleasure to work with all of you!

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Author Websites

Whether you are building your email list, distributing sample chapters, or managing your own book pricing and distribution, an author website is the hub of your book marketing plans.


We can help you expand and grow in the fastest growing segment in the publishing landscape. We provide professional narration and worldwide publication distribution. 

Video Book Trailers

Attract attention with an eye-catching book trailer that you can share on your Amazon Author page, social media and author website.

Children's books

Picture books are a great way to connect with a young audience. We have illustrators of a variety of artistic styles to work with you to bring your book to life on the page.

How to Become a Published Author
in 5 Easy Steps

From personal memoirs to technical instructional manuals,  Red Penguin Books has partnered with authors across the globe to fulfill their publishing goals.


Schedule a consultation to discuss your goals for book publishing and learn more about the options available to you.


From start to print, our authors can often be published in a matter of weeks, so start planning that party now!


Celebrate with us as you publish your print, digital, or audiobook. And yes, that can definitely include a custom cake and champagne!


Your book will be promoted in press releases, email blasts and media appearances, as is appropriate for your book.


Start planning your next book, as it seems all of our authors are anxious to begin their next adventure almost as soon as the champagne has been poured!