12 Books of Christmas – Fiction

Do you have a lover of fiction on your gift list? Whether they love horror or romance, history or sci-fi, we have something for everybody.

For the thrill seekers

A spine-chilling thriller the reader won't be able to put down. A riveting read that will have them sleeping with the lights on.

For the historical fiction buff

A gripping tale of Israel's struggle to emerge as a free and independent nation.

Epic tale for war enthusiasts

An intriguing tale of a US Army linguist who finds himself in a position to prove he is not a security risk to his country.

Send a shiver down their spine

A club for select members seduced by the fear and torment of their victims. Certainly not a club for the faint of heart.

A tribute to our ancestors

The tale of a young woman's road to self-discovery in the first half of the 20th century.

Let the Music Play!

A promising musician writes the best material of his life and decides to give it a try one more time.

Angels, Demons, and Vampires...oh my!

By day a detective, by night Master Lucifer's eyes and ears on the ground.

Who doesn't love a campfire story?

From the spectacular to the spooktastic, the stories you are about to read are not for the faint of heart.

A gritty crime thriller

On the surface, it seems this is an idyllic American town. But when viewed through stained glass things aren't always what they seem.

An inspiring historical novel

The heartbreaking and uplifting saga of women who share the same heritage but see the world through a different lens.

Animal lovers unite

An important tale that combines fiction and the real damage done today to endangered animals.

For the lovers of fantasy

Come along on this angel's adventures that leave her traveling through time ane encounters with supernaturals.