12 Books of Christmas – Children/Youth

Do you have a lover of fiction on your gift list? Whether they love horror or romance, history or sci-fi, we have something for everybody.

An action-packed adventure

A rollercoaster of action packed historical fiction sure to engage middle-graders

A Tale of Survival

This riveting page-turner tells the story of a 12-year-old girl who solves the tragedy that has befallen her family.

A young person's peek at the early 1900s

A heartwarming middle-grade heroine's story of coming of age in the early 1900s.

Recipes with a story

Tales shared through and within generations define our heritage, provide us with empathy over transgressions, and celebrate our adventures.

The art of relaxation

Concrete and empowering steps towards a more focused and productive daily life, giving straightforward solutions to be in the moment... something we all need to do!

For the Garfield lovers

Written by the current holder of the world record for a number of Garfield collectibles and her husband who is the Official Collection Cataloger.

For those intrigued by the Constitution

Learning about the ideas and ideals that helped shape the Constitution and actually learning the Constitution are two different things.

Animal lovers unite

An important tale that combines fiction and the real damage done today to endangered animals.

Explaining Covid to a child

We are living in uncertain times and can be quite confusing to children. This book does a fantastic job of explaining things while calming their fears without all the scary medical jargon.

Soothe their fears

Written by a group of childcare professionals, aimed at helping adults to approach the children in their care with a positive message and respect for their anxieties over the current situation.

Who doesn't love a party?

This book offers a listing of special days and festivities for every day of the calendar year – avoiding the well-known and beloved, like Christmas and the Fourth of July, and instead featuring the offbeat, whimsical and downright silly, such as No Socks Day, Grammar Day and the Festival of Sleep.

Perfect for the high schoolers on your list

This book is written for the two most important people involved in the college admissions process: students and parents