12 Books of Christmas – Memoirs

Whether the person on your gift list is a baby boomer with fond memories of the raucous 70s, a lover of poignant and humorous essays or one who remembers the golden age as THE golden age, our memoirists range from sentimental to hilarious and from the 1930s to yesterday.

For the adventure fanatics

Join author, Paul DiSclafani, his cousin Sal and friend Bruce as he transports you back to his carefree days burning through the West Coast.

All that glitters isn't gold!

If you love jewelry - and the stories behind the sparkle - join author Janet Metz Walter in this funny, poignant and memorable collection of tales and treasures.

A gripping political thriller

Lawyer, Alberto Zuppi investigates the heinous terroristic attack and explosion of the AMIA building in Buenos Aires that killed and injured many.

Picking yourself up after losing a job

Help someone who has lost their job realize they aren't alone and even find the silver lining in such a loss.

Reflections on life, love and New York City

One man's escapades and adventures resonating with a flavor that is unique to New York City.

For those interested in medical phenoms

A poignant story of determination and rising up serious medical challenges but the guilt that comes along with it too.

The power of a parent's love

A mother's story of her son's illness, the despair, and helplessness and the journey of finding answers for him.

The wild ride of a man in Vermont in the 1970s

The adventures of a young man finding himself on a mountain at the end of Vermont's communal movement.

A reminiscent tale of the Bronx long ago

This is the story of Bernie, a Brat born and raised in the Bronx. Follow along with his coming-of-age escapades.

A diary of a man following his passion in life

In a world that demands we follow the herd, the author strikes a forceful blow in the name of individuality and the power of forging one's own path.

The neverending journey of losing a child

The story of a woman who lost her son to suicide, and a real-time glimpse into her heart over the first year after her life was altered forever.

Help One Person Everyday

Ambassadors of Hope is the light that today's world needs - a spotlight on those who make a choice every day to be ambassadors for what they believe in.