If you have a lifelong learner on your gift list, we have the books for you! Whether you are looking to learn history, creative writing or getting a job, our Red Penguin authors are here for your nonfiction gift-giving needs.

Explaining Covid to a child

We are living in uncertain times and can be quite confusing to children. This book does a fantastic job of explaining things while calming their fears without all the scary medical jargon.

A gripping political thriller

This work presents for the first time to Spanish-speaking readers a reduced and annotated transcript of the twelve trials that the US Military Courts carried out in Nuremberg, after the main trial against the main Nazi leaders. .

A must for caregivers

Caregiving is a journey that can be both beautiful and frustrating (sometimes at the same time). It is devastating seeing someone you love sick, hurt or facing declining health. This book is the guidance you need for the journey.

Take charge of your career - perfect for the newly college graduate

This book offers a practical approach for job applicants to find their ideal next job; with exercises and effective resources that can enhance anyone’s job search.

The art of relaxation

Concrete and empowering steps towards a more focused and productive daily life, giving straightforward solutions to be in the moment... something we all need to do!

For the person interested in American politics

Can the United States ever deviate from the current adversarial and its unproductive set-up? Is there any other way to go? This study explores an alternative to the two-party system.

For those interested in religious history

A book that tells the stories of God-chosen messengers, ranging from the heroic to the horrific, from the inspirational to the incredulous. Yesterday’s heroes with messages for today.

Perfect for the aspiring author

Writing a book is certainly an enormous accomplishment, but it doesn’t need to be an insurmountable goal. By breaking down the tasks into their component parts and proceeding one step at a time, you too can join the minority within the majority.

For the Garfield lovers

Written by the current holder of the world record for number of Garfield collectibles and her husband who is the Official Collection Cataloger.

Learning to discern in our everyday life

Discernment is the gift that keeps on giving and it’s about time you unwrap and use this precious gift that God has given to one and all.

For those intrigued by the Constitution

Learning about the ideas and ideals that helped shape the Constitution and actually learning the Constitution are two different things.

A must for every student and graduate

This book is written for the two most important people involved in the college admissions process: students and parents.