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These poems were inspired by an awareness that time is truly relative and that much of our energy is spent outside of the present time, either in the future (mentally scrambling to achieve goals) or in the past (reliving old dramas). I have caught myself, on a meditative walk, ignoring the sudden green burst of spring in favor of planning my grocery list. Where was I? Do we go to a different place when we leave the present moment? Has my life become so rushed (despite the labor-saving devices) that I hurry through meditation much like the other chores on my “to do” list? Am I questioning myself now because I must self-criticize if I fail to achieve the goal of using some of my time for self-nurturing? Time can be a demanding master in a culture ruled by schedules. Thoughts about time are programmed into our consciousness from the very beginning. Often birth itself is scheduled to take place at the appropriate time (usually for the convenience of the obstetrician) through the use of inducement. We’re told “time is money” and that certain pursuits are a “waste of time.” After attending a workshop on “Time Shifting”, given by Stephan Rechtschaffen, MD, I began to rethink my concepts of time. The preceding poems reflect some of those thoughts.