“About Time: A Coming-of-Age Anthology” showcases poems from over thirty diverse and brilliantly talented writers from all over the world that explore the essence of time and all of its facets. A meshing and a melding of the past, the present, the future, let the words from these poets remind you about growing up and withering away, the natural cycle of life, healing and learning, growing yet regressing, wavering from what was to what is to what might be, and more. Featuring poems by:

John Atholl

Virginia Bach Folger

Jessica Barksdale

Cynthia Bernard

B.A. Brittingham

Jessaca Caset

Joshua Colenda

Cat Dixon

Carol Edwards

Jeremy Gadd

Chris “The Poetic

Genius” Green

Benjamin S. Grossberg

Mark Andrew Heathcote

Erin Jamieson

Natalie Kimbell

Payton Kohan

D.L. Lang

Bianca Lopez

Nancy Lubarsky

Fhen M.

J.S. Mannino

Bruce McRae

Norman Minnick

Abigail Ottley

Julia M. Paul

Faith Paulsen

Lois Perch Villemaire

Thomas Rions-Maehren

Stephanie Robertazzi

Brittany Roston and

William Roston

Andy Stephen

JC Sulzenko

Jelena Tutnjevic

Henry Vinicio

Valerio Madriz

Barry Vitcov

Suellen Wedmore

Scott Wiggerman

Andrena Zawinski