Here at Red Penguin Books, our mission is to get your book from your computer – or your head! – and into your readers’ hands as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our staff is here to assist you all the way, and our authors love the personal care we provide each step of the way.


Stephanie Larkin, Head Penguin


Stephanie Larkin is the founder and president of Red Penguin Books and Web Solutions, a book and web publication company for over a decade. She enjoys working with authors of all genres, and specializes in working with business owners and professionals to further their careers through book publication. Red Penguin Books began with digital publications, but has expanded to print, and most recently, audiobook production.

Stephanie has worked with many writers’ groups, including the New York Chapter of the National Writers Union, and The Long Island Authors Group, on book development and marketing. She has been teaching in the Marketing Department at Nassau Community College for the past 10 years, where she enjoys working with future entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. She also works with several colleges in the business and entrepreneurial divisions, including the New York Institute of Technology and the Yale University National Student Leadership program.  Stephanie has been the moderator and host for dozens of author and writing events at libraries, schools and bookstores, as well as scores of online events.

Stephanie is the host of television’s The Author Corner—our chance to meet the authors you’ll want to read—airing on Verizon, Optimum and QPTV, as well as Between the Covers, the show for readers . . . and writers . . . and lovers . . of BOOKS! Both shows – along with her podcast at Once and Future Authors, help to promote authors and their works from around the globe. Hundreds of authors have been guests on her shows, which are available for her own viewers, as well as for the authors’ use in their promotions.

Stephanie has also been the host of television’s Technically Speaking for 7 years, an award-winning educational cable TV series airing in Queens and Long Island, which aims to demystify the technology in our everyday lives and offer practical advice and tips to the “technologically challenged”.

In addition to her passion for publishing, Stephanie is the author of Write That Book, Write YOUR Book, SCORE on Social Media and 365 Ways to Celebrate, as well as the ghostwriter for many other publications.

Stephanie and her husband Kieran have 3 children, love to travel, and have a dog and cat with beds centered prominently in her office.

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