Here at Red Penguin Books, our mission is to get your book from your computer – or your head! – and into your readers’ hands as quickly and painlessly as possible. Our authors come from a variety of industries and backgrounds, each with a different reason for wanting to get published:

Authors of Non-fiction often use their books as business cards or resume “bullets” as a tangible acknowledgment of their expertise and experience

Writers of Fiction have amazing and fantastical stories to share with enthusiastic readers, whether their tales involve intrigue, crime, travel, romance, or touch upon the paranormal or introspective

Self-help authors run the gamut from DIY to cooking – and everything in between, often specializing in how-to books for professionals to use to further their businesses and achieve their goals

Writers of Collections compile everything from essays or blog posts to recipes, lists, and much-needed reference books, and provide wonderful opportunities to enlist other writers into a joint effort

Authors of Memoires have discovered an amazing and poignant way to preserve the lives of family and friends, and provide the ultimate and eternal gift – both to the author as well as their community