With so many books hitting the market – over 2,500 added each day! – it is easy for your book to get lost in the shuffle. Sponsored Ads on Amazon give you the chance to place your book prominently on the pages – and in the searches – that have the greatest potential to increase exposure and sales.


Selling more books on Amazon involves 3 steps:


If your book is not even appearing on the pages where people are searching, it will be nearly impossible for new readers to find you, and with literally millions of books on Amazon, increasing the number of impressions is the first step towards success. Impressions are when your book appears on an Amazon page, and we increase impressions by programming keywords and comparable books and authors to connect with your book, in order to give it the most exposure and impressions as possible.



Once your book appears on a page, the next step is for the prospective buyer to click on your book in the listing. The most important factors to the buyer while searching are your book cover and price, and we can certainly work on any changes you may desire in order for your book to be genre-appropriate in order to attract buyers.



Once a person lands on your Amazon sales page, the next step is to convert them from browsers to buyers. Here it is your book description and other supporting material on your sales page that make the most difference, and get those prospective readers to click through and become buyers.


We are delighted to be offering a 3-pronged approach to developing Amazon Ad Campaigns for interested authors. 

Keywords Generation

We begin with your own desires. How do you categorize your book? What books and authors do you believe to be comparable to your work? Using these guidelines, we can develop a list of hundreds of keywords and comparables to place your book in the appropriate Amazon databases.


Description Optimization and A+/Enhanced Brand Content

Once a person lands on your page, we want to be sure that your Amazon sales page is as enticing as possible in order to close the sale. We will begin with your book description – including keywords and comparables where appropriate – and then will continue on down the page adding A+/Enhanced Brand Content to further engage the prospective buyer. A+/Enhanced Brand Content is the Amazon term for the graphics one can include below the copy on an Amazon sales page in order to further engage the web browser with your book. 


Amazon Ad Campaign Set-Up

Putting it all together, we will set up your ad campaign – actually, several campaigns – focusing one on keywords, one on categories, and one on comparable books. We will gear it to your comfort level for daily budget, so that you will have complete control over how much money is spent daily on ads. Finally, we will check back in 2 weeks, and then again, in 4 weeks, to see how the various segments are performing, and tweak your ad campaigns to focus upon those areas which are showing the most profit potential.



Interested authors may opt for one, two, or all three services, with a discount applied for multiple services. In addition to the set-up fees, daily advertising fees will be paid directly to Amazon. The author can determine what daily advertising amount they wish to spend – we recommend at least $5-$10 daily in order to have enough impressions to make an impact. Amazon Ad fees are pay-per-click, meaning that you will only pay for those clicks that you actually receive – those instances when a prospective buyer actually clicks to view your ad.


The set-up fees for the individual services are:

Keyword Generation

  • Hundreds of keywords and comparable titles and authors developed from your preferences list: $100

Description Optimization and A+/Enhanced Brand Content

  • Developing an overall look and feel to your sales page in order to entice and convert buyers, including creation of multiple graphics for A+ content/Enhanced Brand: $375

Amazon Ad Campaign Set-up

  • Initial set-up of multiple Amazon Ad Campaigns – focused upon keywords, comparable titles, and categories – as well as check-ins at 2 weeks and 4 weeks out to remove ineffective (and potentially costly) terms which are not in your ad’s best interests: $350

When purchased together: $725


Please note***

No ad campaigns are guaranteed, and while our goal is certainly to increase book sales, from a quantitative perspective, our goals will focus upon those areas over which we have the most objective control – namely, increasing impressions. Book purchasing is subjective, and writing books is an art – not a science – so we approach advertising in an objective way whenever possible.