Success in the transitioning world of work—where every company and every business conversation is dramatically changing—demands original thinking, fresh approaches, and storytelling muscle. Enter Authorize It!—an insightful new method that will have you thinking like a writer and winning.

The good news is that you don’t need to be a writer—you just need to think like one. Media executive and author Deborah Burns shares her five breakthrough storytelling lessons and their key takeaways, prompts, and real-world Q & A—along with her proprietary story-shaping tool that pulls it all together so you can authorize the stories you need to tell for success.

Transform into a more effective storyteller today and take the reins of the career you’d like to live. Whether you’re an in-office or remote corporate employee, a manager or manager of a side-gig, a solopreneur, freelancer, or contract worker, these storytelling principles will help you to clarify your actions and reactions, remain centered on your goals, better understand yourself, and others, improve your creative problem-solving, stay open to the new and to the possible—and most importantly, to live up to your true potential.


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