Bena’s Dream Comes True, is a tragicomic novella. It is the story of Bena, a young village boy from an economically disadvantaged home. Through his academic excellence, he got a scholarship, after his first school leaving certificate, to study in Ijere Community High School. Did Bena’s dream come true? Find out what happened after he fell in love with Chioma, a girl in his class.

Bena’s Dream was nominated for the 2015 NLNG Prize for Children’s Literature.

FRCN, Unity FM, Abakaliki.

Nigeria has produced a number of accomplished writers of novels, short stories and children’s literature that inform and celebrate the African experience. Notable authors such as Cyprian Ekwensi, Anezi Okoro, Michael Crowther and Eddie Iroh are examples of such esteemed authors. But who will follow in their footsteps? Will their writings be lost in the mists of antiquity? These are troubling questions that demand answers – and perhaps these answers can be found in “Bena’s Dream Comes True” – an exciting new work by the pen of Godwin Udagbor.