July 10, 2020

Writing a book is a fantastic feeling. All the late-night writing, rescheduling dinners with friends, and disposing of one draft after the other has finally paid off.  You begin to feel a zest of accomplishment. The “I did it” and “People will love this,” confident feeling will motivate you to put your book out there. Things will feel positive until the publishing process begins.

When I decided I wanted to seek publishing services I started to research the many companies available that publish books in my genre. I am a fiction writer of Paranormal Romance and Fantasy. I wish someone would have told me, prior to seeking a publisher, that if you believe you have thick skin now, your skin, needs to grow thicker. The publishing world can be a brutal process. Companies will tear your baby (book) apart with their highly opinionated rejection letters and offers of extravagant, overpriced, services.

I was almost giving up until I remembered a dear friend telling me about Red Penguin Books publishing. I’ve decided, “Heck, why not! It will just probably be another nay, anyway.” Boy, was I wrong! I submitted my manuscript and received a quicker response than the many publishing companies I’ve submitted to in the past.  After they reviewed my work, I had a phone call with Stephanie Larkin, the head of Red Penguin. I was thrilled to be speaking with the big boss herself. She was extremely pleasant, answered all my questions and was honest and understanding. She made me feel comfortable and confident in my writing skills. I am a new author on the scene and the fact that Red Penguin was willing to take a newbie under their wings shows great volume. The Red Penguin team was with me during my publishing process from beginning to end. Their services are so amazing, I was beginning to feel like the only client, knowing there several other authors in the family.

Currently, I am working on my third book with Red Penguin Books with many more down the pipeline. My stories are available to the public, and people are loving them! I could never have done this without the guidance, expertise, and opportunity from Stephanie Larkin. I am forever grateful. I highly recommend authors, new and old, seeking any sorts of publishing services to inquire with Red Penguin, you will not be steered wrong!

Bernice Burgos

Author of the Angel series Book 1 “Trapped Inside Humanity”

And prequel “Angel: The memories of Eden and Earth”