In scenic Saratoga Springs, ghosts of a dark capitalist past awaken and challenge a young woman’s powers.

Julie Sykes, a young woman with long-repressed supernatural powers, is inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic Damian Quinn, but when a malignant spirit possesses him, she must unlock her powers to save him.

It all begins when Julie and Damian explore an abandoned Victorian house built by a wealthy black farming family during the Gilded Age. Now slated for suburban renewal, the house mysteriously resists demolition.

Little do Julie and Damian know that their actions will awaken vengeful spirits and set off a chain of events with dire consequences. As they fight for survival using a blend of energy work and quantum mechanics, they unwittingly unleash the powers of Henry Hilton, a dead white who came into his fortune by sinister means and scandalized the country in the Gilded Age. Meanwhile, no one will tell Julie how her father died or why she can’t find any pictures of him. Will Julie solve the mystery of father’s death and save Damian before he kills someone? Or will they both be consumed by the relentless forces that haunt them?

Luminous and heart-poundingly suspenseful, Beyond Sight traces how the ongoing struggle between the privileged and the marginalized haunts us to this day.

A spectacular ghost story for the Trump era, as we contend with specters of racism, addiction, capitalism, rage, and climate change.

–Peter Ferko, yoga master and author of Incarnation and The Genius of Yoga

A marvelous mystery wrapped around the beautiful and haunting city of Saratoga Springs, blending suspense with the paranormal.

–Maeve Noonan, bookseller at Northshire Bookstore, Saratoga

[D]eftly connect[s]the dots between science, dreams, and psychic phenomena . . . But the heart of this ghost story is the emotional growth that comes from facing our inner wounds and repairing the relationships that get damaged in the cauldron of child-parent relationships. This is a page-turner crafted by a master storyteller in graceful language that helps us unearth the magic of our own inner challenges and resources.

–Wendy Newton, yoga and polarity therapist, author of Tantra of the Yoga Sutras

A well-crafted story with the right mix of horror, intrigue, and the essence that one feels while reading Twilight.

–Katherine Abraham, author of Every Sunset Has a Story

You don’t have to believe in ghosts to love this great story full of Saratoga Springs settings and culture. But don’t be surprised if you develop an appreciation of the energy and spirits that haunt our special city after reading Lâle Davidson’s engaging book.

—Joe Haedrich, author of Haunted Saratoga