Books for Causes

Here at Red Penguin Books, we are thrilled to work with authors who wish to harness the power of publishing for good by donating the profits from their books to a variety of causes. Our current releases which were published with the goal of assisting others includes:

Her Word by Izzy Hodder

The Letters by Barbara Spinelli

The Mysterious Animal Soup and The Mystery of the Bedouin Girl by Rony Kessler

Diary of a Drunk Driver by Michael Palermo

Hope Remains by Lori Boarman

not kidding and Side Street by JK Larkin

Goodnight Port by Jeff Stone (coming soon)

Additionally, Red Penguin Books is in process for a non-profit organization whose mission is to harness the power of publishing and funnel it to non-profit organizations through our books. Subsequently, The Red Penguin Collection – our huge and growing anthology series with over 25 books featuring authors, poets and playwrights from around the globe – will be partnering with organizations beginning this fall in order to help to get out their mission and message through our book themes, and channel the time, talent, and treasure from each book to their cause. We are very excited about leveraging our most successful book series in this way, and our global contributors are equally excited about the possibilities this will bring to others.