This is a story of hatred and disunity caused by a husband to three wives who loved two but hated one and her three children. The hated Eku and her children retaliated against their lot later…How? Find out. It all happened in Ochagbe; Ochagbe of ten villages that later hugged ‘Civilization’.

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Dr. Rajdeep Chowdbury an Indian trend-setting author and award-winning poet:

The expedition of Ibenere is neatly crafted and the evolution of his characteristics to exhume a significant issue in front of the populace of Ochagbe is a trait of a fine narrator.

Sahjahan Ali Ahmed Professor of English, at Barpeta Girls’ College, Barpeta, India:

I’m immensely pleased to hear that Godwin Udagbor, the renowned author of the Memoir, Legacy of a Good Father has written another blockbuster short story, “Cry of the Forest.” It’s a story about a great land in Nigeria called Ochagbe. It’s based on the marital evils of multiple marriages which create hatred, jealousy, and disunity among the children of multiple wives of a man. The author has successfully brought a judicious resolution of the problem.

I hope readers will surely enjoy the book.

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Godwin Cornelius Udagbor grew up in Afikpo North, Nigeria. His work has been translated into a world language, Hindi. Godwin has appeared in various publications, including News Sentry and Assam Tribune in India. Radio Nigeria. He is a recipient of Diplomatic Certificate Version ii from World Bank for the 2010 International Essay Competition.