Looking for that perfect gift, for the person who has everything? (or perhaps even for YOURSELF!)

Look no further!!!

Give the gift of THEIR OWN BOOK!

Whether it is a book for personal reasons – like a memoir or family history – or for career/business reasons – to get ahead and establish credibility – a book is THE ultimate gift!


Our “60 Minutes/60 Days” book package gets the aspiring author published in no time, with the least amount of time and effort.

  • We start with an initial planning meeting to set book goals and an outline.
  • You will receive questions for a 60-minute phone call/interview, which will be recorded and transcribed.
  • Your book draft will be sent for any additional edits/additions you may wish to make, as well as photos.
  • Cover design, book layout, ISBN numbers, editing and worldwide publication are all included.
  • In 60 days you will receive 60 books (of about 60 pages long!)
  • Just $6,000 – from start to print – with NO headaches, NO writer’s block, and NO stress!


Save 50% – just $3,000!!!

Order by December 20th!

Is this hard to do???Technology, Laptop, Keyboard, Computer

Absolutely not! If you want a book, this is the EASIEST, QUICKEST way to have your own book!

How much time will it take? I’m swamped already!

We know how busy you are, so the time burden is on us – NOT you! We will start with a planning meeting – this could be by phone, video chat or in-person if you are close.

After our meeting, I will create a book outline and a list of questions to ask you and send it along to prepare.

Look over the questions, and then we will schedule a 60-minute phone call, which I will record.

If you would prefer, you can call in with your answers to the questions when your schedule permits (we have a special phone line set-up for recording answers).

In 60 days, your book will be ready! Of course, you will receive the files to read/edit/approve before publication, as well as the cover images

If you have additional material to add, simply send it along to include in your book.

What kind of “additional information”?

Adult, Diary, Journal, Notebook, Book

If it is a personal book/memoir, we would love to include photos, pictures of important papers or memorabilia, etc.

If it is a professional/business book, you can send along any articles, images or other supporting material you would like to include.

What if I would like a longer book?

For longer books with additional research, our “90 Minutes/90 Days” book is over 90 pages long, and you will receive 90 books for just $9,000 total. 


Save 50% – just $4,500 for the

90 minute/90 Day Book Package!

Order by December 20th!

This is a gift – how will the recipient know?

What a wonderful gift! Just give us the recipient’s name, and we will prepare a personalized certificate for presentation purposes, and send it along with a gift pen and complete instructions.

Is there a payment plan?

Absolutely! There will be a deposit of 1/3 at the outset, 1/3 is due at the halfway point, and 1/3 is due at publication. You can pay with cash, check, credit card or PayPal.

Could I design the cover?

Yes you can! Whether you consider yourself to be “artistic” or not, the cover will reflect EXACTLY what you want, so we will be asking for ideas and images to design the cover YOU want.

How do I get started?

Be sure to sign up TODAY for this amazing half-off deal – it won’t last!