Available May 19, 2023

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Desperately Seeking Persephone is a thrilling autobiography that includes explorations of mythic worlds, fantastic adventures, encounters with extraordinary people and the visitation of an archangel.    

It begins as Rudolph sets out on a quest for healing after a childhood of abuse and sexual assault. Her travels reveal a vision of what’s possible when seeking out the mysteries inherent in the world. This is the tale that could have been told if Indiana Jones had met Joseph Campbell.

Rudolph forges her own pathway out of trauma and depression by using the Greek Goddess Persephone’s mythic trip to the Underworld as a map. Along the way, Rudolph earns two shamanic initiations, described in vivid detail.

The shamanic journey is ultimately about discovering wholeness and harmony; wholeness of self, of relationships, of interacting with the natural world. Through the craft of storytelling, Rudolph reveals esoteric spiritual tools and processes that form a primer of shaman-craft. This is a journey that is personal, global and accessible to all. 

Desperately Seeking Persephone is a humorous, engaging heroic journey with surprising twists and universal appeal. The adventures, themselves, offer a template of healing for anyone looking for their own pathway out of darkness and suffering.

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