In today’s society the problem of Driving While Intoxicated, or DWI, is more prevalent than ever!

Why? For several reasons, but the most obvious to me is that more people Drink and Drive; not just Drink—but Drink and then Drive. Years back when the majority of the population worked and lived in the inner cities, the average Joe would finish work, head for the nearest bar, have a few and take the train home. Or, finish work, take the train home, find the local bar and walk home! With the explosion of not only suburban living but businesses moving to the outer cities as well as moving into the suburbs themselves, the convenience of the automobile was and is undeniable! In addition, the media explosion has extended our consciousness to all forms of DWI. The agony caused by a DWI crash can remain for years, not only for the victim but for the families, friends and anyone who is connected with such an incident. Anyone who drives while intoxicated and is not involved in an accident is fortunate. Anyone who gets a DWI without incident might consider themselves lucky!

So what happens when you get caught Driving While Intoxicated? What are the sacrifices, what are the costs, what are the embarrassing features? In DIARY OF A DRUNK DRIVER, this author provides the complete and accurate tale of a man arrested for DWI, convicted, and his entire journey from the moment of arrest until his release from probation eighteen months later!

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