“Ernest Lived … and other Historical Fiction Short Stories” by JK Larkin

Are You in The Market For a Bold, Daring, and Innovative New Collection of Wonderfully Unique Historical Fiction Stories?

Ernest Lived …and other Historical Fiction Short Stories is a new anthology under The Red Penguin Collection that aims to celebrate the classic genre with over a dozen new entries. Travel across North America in the 1950s by train, sneak around the pyramids of Giza while they were first under construction, fight against the axis in the second world war—so many adventures await!

Featuring the works of the following writers:

Let’s hear what some of our readers have to say:

“I absolutely love the diversity of pieces featured in this collection. One minute I’m in Egypt, and the next I’m on the other side of the world!”

Lucy Donahue
“‘Ernest Lived’ is absolutely a favorite among these wonderful titles – Diane has captured a truly significant snapshot of America.”

Frank E. Rose
“The Red Penguin Collection continues to impress with this new entry to their long list of anthologies celebrating the work of writers working remotely. Keep it up!”

Susan McAllister
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