Storms … disease … starvation

It’s the early 19th century in a small Rhine River village. Is Johann Klem, a tailor and a dreamer, unaware of these dangers when he asks his family to travel over the vast ocean for a future in America? Despite floods and occupation by Napoleon’s army, Johann’s wife, Anna, is unwilling to abandon their town, the home that nourished their families for generations. Johann tries to convince her that the end of the War of 1812 and the availability of cheap land make it the best time to pursue their destiny in the land of opportunity.

After a life-altering bargain between Johann and Anna, they pack their four young children and a few possessions to embark on a relentless voyage. Over land, sea, and frozen rivers, the family meets a host of strangers on their quest: the kind and the malicious, the holy and the profane, the sane and the eccentric. These strangers with different customs and languages make an unforgettable impact on the Klems’ perilous journey.