In reaching your professional goals, if you are looking for a unique and impressive way to promote your business or career, there is nothing quite as effective as adding two words – “author of _____” – to your biography. A book can act as the ultimate business card, open doors to speaking and media engagements and give you instant relevance in your field, as you are the person who literally “wrote the book” in your industry.


If you want to promote YOUR business or career through book publication, we will, it is easier than you think.

We will begin with initial planning meetings to strategize on your book goals,  focus,  themes and plans. From there we will explore different chapter options, develop a book outline and publication timeline. You will learn different techniques and strategies to make writing your book easy and painless, with tactics designed to suit your specific style and strengths.

For the next several months, you will be writing your book and sending in sections as you go for editing and suggestions. As the book comes together, your cover art and book summary will be developed to use for promotional materials as well as your “Coming Soon” pages and posts about your new release.

Next, your book will be formatted and prepared for publication, including a custom cover, images throughout your book, and set up for print and digital publication. Before you know it, you will be planning a book launch party, placing a stack of books ready for signing on your desk and updating your LinkedIn profile to reflect your new “Author” status. Yes – it can be THAT easy!