There’s a war for the very soul of Brooklyn … and the stakes are higher than ever!

When perpetrators of particularly heinous and insidious crimes were acquitted after trial in an alarmingly large number across America, it caught the attention of a priest in the Vatican’s Office of Exorcisms in New York, who noticed that all preceded satanic exorcisms. His shuddering conclusion – Satan must be directly responsible for the crimes and their aftermath.

In the United States, the Devil was winning, and causing anarchy, chaos, and the destruction of life.  

The Fallen Angel series begins when Brooklyn becomes ground zero for the Evil One, and prosecutor Michael Gioca, Chief of the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Rackets Division, is handpicked by a secret government agency to take on and defeat the Devil. In Book 1, Gioca gets the best of his evil adversary time and again, so Satan must up his game if he wants to succeed in his mission, the destruction of Brooklyn.

For decades family has been the cornerstone of the rich, vibrant, life in Brooklyn, the Borough of Churches. Without it, life there would crumble. The Evil One has recognized this and has taken aim at that essential institution.

If you love crime, fantasy, and delving into the unknown, Fallen Angel-A True Crime FantasyBook 2, tells the story of the war for the soul of Brooklyn.

Will Satan succeed? Or will Michael Gioca once again prevail.