In the 1930s and 1940s Jewish men and women served as a “fierce resistance” fighting the British government that had mandated Palestine. These resistance fighters fought for a cause in which they truly believed: a free and independent Israel at peace.

This novel salutes those “fierce” resistance fighters and their indomitable spirit.


 “I read Larry Bloom’s book, Fierce Resistance, and was hooked from the very beginning. I thought it was extremely well written. I couldn’t put it down because I wanted to know what happened with the characters. It was very engaging and a true page turner. I was so impressed that as I was reading it I thought this would make a great movie.”

~ Mike Nespoli


Knowing Larry’s interest in history, I was curious to read his new book, “Fierce Resistance” which takes place during the period of World War II and thereafter.
This book is historical fiction but from people I have spoken to and from my knowledge, this is an accurate depiction of the events.
Larry wrote a very readable book. The characters are clearly portrayed and I felt a strong compassion for them as they dealt with their life or death situations.
I think that anyone reading this book will not only learn about this period in history but will enjoy it very much! ~ Rhea Arkin


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Watch Larry’s theater group give a dramatic reading of “Fierce Resistance” – in 2 parts below:

Part 1

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