When a woman leaves a troubled marriage, a door closes. She leaves hoping everything will change irrevocably for the better. The door that opens before her is like a beautiful, beckoning open sky into which she flies with verve and lightness of heart.


When a woman changes her life, she knows nothing about her life ahead. Yet she runs toward it eagerly. She says ‘Yes’ to the joy of venturing into the unknown to explore the world, ‘Yes’ to the allure of intoxicating romance, the heat of passion, a dream lover and plentiful magic. New life comes to her in exhilarating and sometimes shattering ways. Like it or not.


Is she fearless? Or is she oblivious to the perils?

Will painful loss crush her wings and send her tumbling from the sky?

Will she muddling through or find her truth?

What will it take for her to grow her wings again?