Barbara, an American divorcée, moves to France in 2003 on an adventure of self-discovery. She buys an 18th century farmhouse in need of renovation in a tiny French hamlet. While settling in and visiting the attractions of the area, she meets and mingles with a mix of charming characters in her new community. On the lookout for a man to share her life, she explores the romantic possibilities of her new home. As she says, “I am willing to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince.” In between chipping away at the farmhouse improvements and building a new life for herself, Barbara reviews and reevaluates some of her preconceptions.

There are flashbacks to the late ’60’s when she was a foreign exchange student in Paris and to her work as a tour guide in the late 2000’s shepherding groups around the lesser-known and famous sights of France.

The book reveals many engaging tidbits about French life and history as it recounts the story of Barbara’s self-actualization and her discovery of the ideal mate.