How Life after the Big, Bad Boot gave me Wings  

Valentina Janek, currently known for her award-winning work on Long Island, the founding of the Long Island Breakfast Club, and as author of the book “In Love and Friendship,” adds to her already impressive résumé with her newest book: “From Fired to Freedom ~ How Life After the Big, Bad Boot Gave Me Wings.”


This book is a compilation of inspirational, engaging, and even funny stories from people who have received the proverbial “pink slip” and come out alive on the other side, better and brighter for it. Readers will see themselves and their struggles through the stories of others and know that their own journey – chaotic though it may be – can have the same positive results.

Valentina said she hopes that through her book and her personal experiences, she can bring more awareness to
middle-aged people who are looking for jobs.
“You’re not alone, which is how you feel when you lose a job,” she said. “The worst things in life are a job loss, personal loss and moving. Most of the stories in this book are very positive, and everything has a silver lining.

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Published by Red Penguin Books

ISBN 978-1-949864-14-4

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