Do you want to write a book, but just can’t get started?

  • For business reasons, as a book establishes instant credibility

  • To fulfill yourself creatively

  • For self-affirmation

  • To preserve your memories or that of a family member

  • To collect tips or other material

  • Because you have a great story to tell

  • As a life-project, a capstone activity or a personal way to leave a legacy


Millions of people – in fact, almost 90% of the population – want to write a book, yet never fulfill that dream. You can write YOUR book – and display it proudly so that simply catching a glance of it will give you a boost and remind you that “yes you can!”


Start by figuring out your 5 W’s:

WHY – are you writing your book?

WHAT – will your book be about?

WHO – are you writing your book for?

WHEN – do you want your book to be finished?

WHERE – will you write, publish and promote your book?

“Write That Book!” Tips to get started on your next writing project. Stephanie Sands Larkin

Posted by Red Penguin Books on Monday, March 23, 2020