Do you know that feeling—the one where your fingers are poised above the computer keyboard, but no words are materializing on the screen? When “writer’s block” is looming, and your blood pressure is boiling at a blank screen that stares back tauntingly at you as you sit motionless and powerless before it? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to simply delegate your writing to someone else, someone who could write anything from your blog posts and articles to a book with your name on the cover? Help IS available, and you can focus upon more pressing issues (or at least more fun issues) while your ghostwriter types away!

What exactly is a ghostwriter? A ghostwriter is a professional writer whose goal is to write YOUR book or other content. A good ghostwriter should be many things, including anonymous, seamless and inquisitive. Anonymous, because all of the writing is credited to you, the employer, who forever after is known as “the author.” A ghostwriter should never reveal their part in the development of a book, and you—the author—can confidently promote your book everywhere. A ghostwriter should be seamless so that if you wish to include articles, posts, and writings of your own, the ghostwriter can expand and develop such writings to develop the book that you’ve always wished for. A ghostwriter should be inquisitive, striving to learn more about you—the author—in order to best fulfill the writing assignment in YOUR writer’s voice and tone, as well as eager to learn more about the subject matter itself, in order to write the best possible book on your particular area.

What types of projects can a ghostwriter assist with? How about that book you’ve been wanting to publish? Did you know that estimates are that about 60% of books published today are written at least in part by a ghostwriter? With statistics like that, you’d be in the minority if you actually go ahead and write your new book all by yourself. Having your name on the cover of a book can boost your credibility and increase your exposure in an effective and unique manner; and with a ghostwriter coordinating and developing your book, you’ll be published in no time with no additional time commitment on your part.

How about blog posts, articles, and newsletters? Nowadays content IS king, and whether you need optimized website copy, social media posts or a podcast script, a ghostwriter can create content on a variety of different subjects targeting towards audiences of all different types—from mass market to professionals. Whether you need a single piece of content developed or a year full of posts—all coordinated and presenting a progression of thoughts or themes—a ghostwriter can write copy tailored to meet YOUR needs, whether it is to build an audience, instruct your readers or simply to entertain others.

You have so many other things you need to be doing—and time IS money—that it doesn’t make sense to spend needless hours on something time consuming that doesn’t bring you joy. Your time should be focused upon those areas where your talents lie . . . and let a ghostwriter handle your content production. And with our top ghostwriters, you will actually read your own content and forget that your ghost did the actual typing—our goal is to explore and analyze your writing needs and fulfill them on the page in your writing style, tone and voice. It doesn’t get much better than that!

There are SO many reasons to hire a ghostwriter and many ways you can put your ghost to work furthering your business or career. Imagine just a few months from now signing books at a book launch event, sending prospective clients a copy of your book or selling books at a table in the back of a workshop you deliver? With a ghostwriter, that dream can become a reality. With a ghostwriter, you can have an active blog or newsletter, produce your own training books and materials or even document your family history. Contact for more information.

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