Hayley St. James (they/them) is a Boston-born, usually-New York-based playwright and performer, and a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College’s class of 2020. A non-binary lesbian on the autism spectrum, they are deeply passionate about seeing themselves and their communities represented truthfully in all media, theatre first and foremost. In their theatrical work, they strive to marry authentic representation with hyper-theatrical, surreal, meta, and occasionally horny twists. They also have a thing for imaginary friends, ghosts, aliens, and well-handled pop culture references. Their plays include What A Piece of Work is Ham (a stoner comedy prequel to William Shakespeare’s Hamlet;) Too Hard A Knot (a twenty-minute Bard-inspired dark comedy about the choices we make in this world;) For Leonora, or, Companions (a tender, puppet-driven exploration of life on the autism and LGBTQ spectrum;) and A Godawful Small Affair (a sad, hopeful, and sexually frank quarantine play guest starring the ghost of David Bowie.)