As with our traditional publishing program, our potential hybrid program authors are also evaluated based upon the criteria below, as well as on their own merits as a manuscript and the publication goals of the author. Certainly, our criteria is not as strict in our hybrid publishing program, as we acknowledge and wish to support the wider range of authors seeking publication who may not yet have the platform, audience and experience yet as is required for our traditional program.
  • With a non-fiction book, is the author well known in their field, so that the book would be launched to an audience of interested readers?
  • Is there something unique about the book that would make it desirable on a larger scale?
  • Will there be an opportunity for bulk sales – for example, as a textbook or other book for use by organizations.
  • Has this author released other books, so that they have a fan base already?
  • Is the manuscript enticing, entertaining and/or enthralling as appropriate?
  • With fiction – is there an opportunity for a book series, as many genre readers prefer series books?
These are just some of the questions which are considered when evaluating an author and manuscript for our hybrid publishing program.  If you would like to partner with Red Penguin for hybrid publishing please fill out the query form below.