Fear and insecurity . . . those two nagging voices in our heads which undermine our self-confidence and often keep us from moving forward. Some people just seem to exude confidence, while others are quick to put themselves down or stop moving forward the moment our securities waver. How to deal with a lack of confidence? This is a great question, not just for writers, but for all of us!

Consider this three-part plan to deal with your insecurities, and let your light shine!


#1 – Present yourself with confidence

This may seem counterintuitive, but we often become the person we present to the world, so the saying “fake it until you make it” actually holds a level of truth. Studies have shown that focusing upon your posture (a power pose), vocal tone, demeanor and handshake can make you appear confident to others, and in turn, make you feel confident in yourself.


#2 – Use affirmations

We are what we think, so repeated positive statements to yourself will help you to overcome negative thoughts and self-sabotaging behaviors. While affirmations may seem hokey to those who haven’t tried it, “affirmers” report feeling awash with positive feelings after repeating (or even seeing written) their affirmations. Heck, affirmations are free, and you’ve got nothing to lose!


#3 – Use logic and statistics

Polls have shown that 90% of the people polled want to write a book, yet fewer than 1% actually invest the time and energy in doing so. Whether you have already published or are actively writing, YOU are in the 1%, and should be proud of your amazing journey. Remember, other people – along with those negative “voices” of insecurity in your head – aren’t in the 1%, but you are – head and shoulders above the rest! If “faking” confidence and affirmations don’t do it for you, perhaps these cold, hard facts will!


We are often our own worst enemy, so be sure to focus on YOU – your gifts, talents and abilities – and soon your confidence will soar!