It was a cold, dark night and the young boy’s flashlight was nowhere to be found. The camping trip had been everything he had hoped for; that is, until the sun had set, stranding him in the unfamiliar woods that he had hoped would be the setting of his next great summer adventure. With no light, no parents, and no way to call for help, all the boy could do was wait out the night and hope that his nightmares would not claim him as their next victim.

Sound familiar? The tradition of storytelling is one that has taken on many forms, one of the most notable being that of the campfire horror story. In this Halloween inspired edition of The Red Penguin Collection, prepare to be amazed by the diverse range of entries our authors have written and the tremendous worlds they have created. From the spectacular to the spooktastic, the stories you are about to read are not for the faint of heart.

Featuring the following talented authors, playwrights and poets:

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