These are not typical jailhouse stories. They are about events inside Rikers experienced through the eyes and ears of a correction officer who made it to the end of his twenty year career.

The uniqueness of this book, is that it all happened in the 1970’s. It wasn’t like it is today. Back then, we were the judge, jury and I use the word executioner, lightly. We never killed, only punished, when officers were attacked. There was always a need to show who was in charge. We could never allow inmates to think they were running things, the way it seems in today’s era.

These tales are not so much about the inmate, but more about the mind of the officers and the different ways they coped, or couldn’t.

Eyebrows will sometimes will be raised. You will laugh, and at times lose your breath. The officer can gain your respect, and in an instant lose it. In the end you will realize the job is not for everyone, and have a deeper understanding of how difficult it was to cope with it all. Guaranteed, you’ve never heard stories like these before.

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