Katherine Abraham is a legal journalist who has studied Law, Literature, Journalism. She has also completed her Masters in Business Administration.

In her 11 year tenure, Katherine has played multiple roles having worked in the capacity of Editor, Writer, Journalist, Teacher and COO for an Education Management Company. She held the position of Editor for the Secretariat’s World Group, UAE for the magazine Thirty to Net Zero.

Currently, Katherine serves as the Associate Editor for the India Business Law Journal, based out of Hong Kong. She also contributes to the Red Penguins editorial team in a freelance capacity.

Katherine is also certified by the USA for English Communications for Young Learners, English for Business Communication and was a part of the Canada Board of Teachers. She is a qualified international freelance journalist from the British College of Journalism.

Katherine also plays the role of a Research Assistant to former Under-Secretary General and prolific international author, Dr. Shashi Tharoor. She has been acknowledged in his work, The Battle of Belonging(2021) and Ambedkar: A Life, his latest work of nonfiction. Katherine works with the Khaleej Times in a freelance capacity.

Katherine is the Author of Yesterday Once More, Silenced by Love and Some Days are Forever, Romancing a Distant Mountain and other Short Stories and Every Sunset Has a Story which recently won her a Book Series Contract with Red Penguins Publishers, USA.

While she writes romance fiction she believes she belongs to the Barbara Cartland school of romance and works on traditional love stories in a modern era. One of her primary themes she is keenly interested in is the modern Indo-Pak narrative. She believes her work acts as a catalyst for reviving a shared heritage, history and culture.

Katherine has also worked as a Communications Specialist for the General Conference of Seventh-Day Adventists, USA, in the capacity of a Brand Manager for the International Podcast Show, Chasing Hope with Katherine in which she delivers US-approved, audio content (2021).

Website : www.chasinghopewithkatherine.com
Author’s website: www.katherinerabraham.com

Katherine has a gold medal in Public Speaking from the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art. She also won the Best Policy Statement at the UNSCW Simulation Conference held at the ILS Law college.

In her spare time, Katherine is an internationally recognised photographer with her works making headway in the USA, UK, Scotland, Pakistan and India.