Our Children are born bearing gifts. They have the clues and hold the key for us to discover who they are. The secret lies in how deeply we can listen for what they are here to teach us. If we can connect and decipher the key to each child’s unique being, then our job in guiding their journey on earth will be joyous and mutually rewarding.

Our interactions with our children as we listen will spotlight and guide us to know how to assist them to express themselves and contribute to life.

If you are interested in discovering, uncovering and empowering your child’s given potential, then you will want to read this book. You may uncover your own wisdom on parenting from going down memory lane and connecting to what worked and didn’t work when you were a child. You may discover the miracles that parent or caregiver and child can co-create in the safe space of each encounter through love.

The way we love ourselves and our children is carried down from one generation to the next.
The way we love is manifested in the way that we care, nurture and raise our children.
~ Dee Martin