Do you love to travel? Whether you get around in a plane, or through the pages of a book, or perhaps watching a movie, there is nothing quite like getting immersed in a new location.

When I wish to get immersed – either while planning a trip or reflecting back upon a favorite place – I do NOT find typical “travel guides” inspiring, as they seem more like a listing of restaurants, hotels, and random ratings of attractions.

Instead, I love to read stories and watch movies and shows set in the location I will be visiting – or a place I love to remember.

Our new LOCATION-BASED series will include ALL types of stories – true stories, embellished stories, fantastical stories – you name it! – and they will all have one thing in common … they will ALL take place in the same location.

We are starting with volumes on London, Paris and Rome, and plan to release more locations soon.

Join us on this amazing adventure!



Receive a Digital Copy of “London”

Get your digital copy – hot off the presses! Available for Kindle, Nook, iPad, or whatever you are reading upon.


Include YOUR memories of London!

Include YOUR memories of London in this upcoming volume. You may submit up to 500 words of text and/or 2 photos. Subject to approval by our editorial staff.


Softcover book

We are SO excited to put this full-color book into your hands. Journey with us to London … and beyond!



Include YOUR memories + digital copy

Get to see your photos or story in “London” – hot off the presses!



Signed hardcover book

The full-color pictures and stories will POP in this signed, hardcover edition, and will look great displayed with its beautiful, artistic cover.


Include YOUR memories + softcover book

A full-color softcover copy of “London” with YOUR story/photos included!



Include YOUR memories + hardcover book

Display YOUR memories, and photos included in this book in a beautiful hardcover volume, perfect for displaying.


A custom picture of YOU in London!

Our talented cover artist Cydney Bittner will create a full-color customization of our beautiful book cover starring YOU. CLICK HERE to view some examples.

If you would prefer, these same options are available on our Kickstarter Campaign – click here for details. 

(*While generally participation in our anthology program is free, the additional fee is due to the fact that this book is already in production.)