I am absolutely so happy and excited about our book. I actually have a copy in my hand, and it is unbelievable to me.

I love the cover. After so many different styles and little changes that you patiently accepted from me, you came up with the perfect cover. So many family members and friends have already purchased and received their copy. They have told me how impressed they are with the book.

I looked at some of the titles of the e-mails I sent you and I had to laugh because they were like “Just One More Thing”, “A few more changes”, “Prologue”  days later “Final Prologue”, and after a few weeks of not sending you an e-mail, I finally said, “Surprise, It’s Me”, and I had changed a few more things.

Thank you for everything. You know how important it was for me to tell this story to my family. Thank you for making it happen.