Are you afraid your children will fail? That they won’t reach their full potential? What if you learned that your
The Walt Whitman Birthplace Association (WWBA) Board of Trustees and I congratulate the student poets in this anthology for their
The Northport Village Poetry Path was born as a dream. A dream to bring poetry off the pages of books
After the events of RUN AWAY HOME: TEMPERED, Peter and Danny adjust to life after trauma. Peter starts a new
This book is your compassionate guide in the profound journey of self-discovery and healing. Follow a well-tested method that delicately
Barbara, an American divorcée, moves to France in 2003 on an adventure of self-discovery. She buys an 18th century farmhouse
I received a lot of advice on what to do and how to do it after I lost my 20-year
A new Anthology on global unsung heroes for the Red Penguin collection Red Penguin Books is looking for the stories
"About Time: A Coming-of-Age Anthology" showcases poems from over thirty diverse and brilliantly talented writers from all over the world
Reserve your copy today! In this complex world of today, with so many “at risk” tweens and teens grappling with issues,