Copyright law has changed over the years, and authors have been striving to protect their work as quickly—and cheaply—as possible
We all have a story. When your great-grandchildren's children pick up your story one day, WOW! This is a treasure
They've been cutting into Steven Taibbi since the day he was born, and they still haven't stopped. According to the
We are so excited to have filmed our very first episode of “The Author Corner” with author, Jim Ryan. “The Author
My eye caught this headline, and as a small press book publisher, I couldn’t help but click to read more.
How many times have I written he/she, or s/he as if I were trying to condense the two into one?
We were delighted to have authors Gaetane Martin (100 Pennies: A Journey to Forgive the Unforgivable), JD DiPalma (How to
So you’ve decided to write YOUR book! Bravo! It’s about time! It doesn’t really matter what has motivated you to
Ordinary people are sometimes called to do extraordinary things - and when that call comes from God, well, “extraordinary” is