Before I became a member of the Red Penguin Books family I wrote and published four true crime books. The subjects were from the business I was in for three decades, a prosecutor in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office….I then had an idea to write a different kind of crime novel-a genre I call, ‘True Crime Fantasy.’ I would craft a fictionalized story wrapped around real crimes, and my experiences, investigations, and trials of those crimes, from my years as a prosecutor. I took the idea to literary agents who represented me in the past and each told me that they didn’t think they could sell the idea to publishers. So they passed. That’s when I thought of Stephanie Larkin and Red Penguin Books. I knew Stephanie from having appeared on her cable TV shows to discuss my true crime books. She showed great interest in my work, so I decided to act as my own agent and ask her for a meeting, The rest is history! Because she and Red Penguin trusted me and my craft, I am now writing the third book in the True Crime Fantasy series, “Fallen Angel.” Thank you Stephanie for your faith, your vision, and your support.

Michael Vecchione, author of “Fallen Angel”