It’s hard to believe that I’ve written Volume 2 of My Pandemic Paradox, A Memoir, of over 71,000 words. If you had told me when I turned 85 that this was about to happen, I would have responded simply, “Never!” But solitude and idleness can work wonders on one’s creative instincts. It’s more fun to have a project than a day of watching TV. So, like taking the first step toward any goal is always followed by Step 2, I continued writing even after the publishing of Volume 1 was underway. Volume 2 is now at the publisher’s. I’m approaching 92, and thinking about switching to writing fiction. 

There are 92 blogs, by coincidence the same number as my age, in this book, divided into three sections. The divisions are based on different times in my life. First” UnderPinnings,” my youth-related years, then “Livin’ the Life”, stories about adulthood, and finally, “Aging and Moving Forward.” Other than that, there is no particular order. One is free to read any interesting title such as, “THE MYSTERIOUS EFFECTS OF A NEW SHOWER CURTAIN,” “THE TYRANNY of PARENTHOOD” or “A LITTLE SCOTCH MAKES MY DAY.” I hope my experiences match some of yours and will motivate you to delve into memories, the painful, and the joyous. All to enrich your lives.

One of my precious topics is about what happens next, the future.

I was born in NYC, went to P.S.187, then Music & Art High School (now part of LaGuardia High School), where I was a music student, Syracuse University, majoring in Economics, and finally Fairleigh Dickinson University for a Master’s degree in General and Experimental Psychology.

Besides, I became a certified Life Coach, studied dance, played the flute, took acting lessons, volunteered with dementia patients, and took lessons in Chinese cooking, figure skating, and Japanese Flower Arranging. I had two husbands, three children, ten grandchildren, and a growing number of great-grandchildren.

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