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Are You Looking For A Fantastical, Innovative Collection of Fairy Tales as You’ve Never Heard Them Told Before?

Once upon a time, fairy tales connected us all through the wonderful tradition of storytelling. These familiar characters, archetypes, and lessons have, over many hundreds of years, made their way into our everyday conversations, our pop culture, and even our subconscious. “Once Upon A Time…”, a fantasy anthology, takes this classical genre and explores it through a more nuanced and contemporary lens.


  • Paula Gail Benson – “A Fairy Godmother’s Christmas”
  • Ashleigh Cattermole-Crump – “Lapis Lazuli”
  • Madilynn Dale – “Freedom”
  • M. M. De Voe – “Big Bad”
  • Elaine Donadio – “The Frog Princess”
  • Torri Duering – “Little Redd Robbin Hood”
  • Melinda Hagenson – “Percy S and The Artichoke King”
  • Kim Hart – “The Night A Giant Grew”
  • Michelle Kulwicki – “Moon Thing”
  • Michael P. Kusen – “On The Outskirts of Howittville”
  • Char Leshess – “Geheimnis”
  • Emily Mandelbaum Lowry – “The Old Woman in the Cottage”
  • Lisa Diaz Meyer – “The Crone”
  • Lisa Rosenblatt – “This Is Not Enchantment”
  • Janet Maika’i Rudolph – “Awakening Beauty”
  • Minoti Vaishnav – “The Treasure in the Woods”
  • Tempest Wright – “Blessed Of The Sea…” and “…Cursed Among Men”

Let’s hear from some of our favorite fairy tale fanatics:
“This anthology just might be my favorite one to date!! Both retold stories from a long time ago and new stories alike are brilliant in this amazing release!”

Martha Jackson
“Such a wide variety of voices within the fantasy genre make this anthology truly one for the books! Personal favorites include “The Frog Princess”, “Geheimnis”, and “Big Bad” – props to all!”

Jonathan Walker
“I am blown away by this new release of The Red Penguin Collection and the wonderful array of fairy tales that have been compiled for such a book. All the writers on such a project should be very proud !”

Charles Lophlan
So, what are you waiting for? Click “buy now” and prepare to be met with many a world beyond your wildest dreams!

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