Animals are amazing! They live all over the world and they all look very different from one another. Some are
Animals are amazing! They live all over the world and they all look very different from one another. Some are
Welcome to my book “GOODNIGHT PORT!” I wanted to share my love of sunsets in book form - and what
Once upon a time, well not too long ago, I was invited to go on a journey to a star
An explosion on Toldax at the end of Ronin, the first Col Sec adventure, saw the destruction of an entire
On the Altiplano, the high plain, between Chile and Bolivia, Fallon’s family witnesses their mother magically disappear. The inexplicable nature
Have you ever had the opportunity of traveling the country, from sea to shining sea? Have you ever been able
How To Be Mediocre: The Best That Never Was Doug was just another guy in just another band making music
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE   This, our second long road trip together, was very exciting.  Having been wooed by the
From The Hound of the Baskervilles to Blue and his famous clues, the great mysteries of our time have been celebrating our furry, feathered,
Our Children are born bearing gifts. They have the clues and hold the key for us to discover who they
Winner of the Adirondack Center for Writing's People's Choice Award 2016During heart surgery on a woman, the doctor discovers her sister tucked
The Adventures of Kodie and Bella is about the friendship between a curious kitten (Kodie) and a charming squirrel (Bella). When
A story about how we all have special gifts and we don't need to change who we are to be
CLICK HERE to purchase Are You Looking For a Heartwarming Dive into the Wonderful Landscape of Early 1900s New York
When I first saw the advertisement for the National Poetry Writing Month contest, I thought, well, I've tried so many
Tragedy to Triumph – The Story of Tom’s Heart provides an up close personal look at the journeys of two individuals facing
Red Penguin Books is thrilled to introduce our third issue of "Bloom" - our literary magazine. Editor Nika Jordan Rose
Are You Looking for a Horror-rrific Anthology That Will Leave you SCREAMING for more Halloween Surprises?When the Halloween season approaches,
Don't miss this empowering workshop series by author Dr. Tamara Pelosi. Using her own experiences of a twenty-year dysfunctional marriage,
We are so proud of author Maureen Reid who was recently featured in the L.I. Herald after publishing her second