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CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE   “Stand Out, Vol. 2” is the second edition to the Stand Out Series, a collection
https://youtu.be/j7TNedxgHJM CLICK HERE to purchase The Letters is much more than a compelling love story. It is an intimate view
CLICK TO PURCHASE   Her Word tells a story. A well-known story that's not being told enough. Combining both fictional
https://youtu.be/axcqTxarp9E CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE   Thrilling twists and turns surround Robert and Michael as they continue their adventures around
  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE   “Ernest Lived ... and other Historical Fiction Short Stories” by JK Larkin Are You
CLICK HERE to purchase Are you afraid your children will fail? That they won’t reach their full potential? What if
For a complimentary digital copy, please visit: https://dl.bookfunnel.com/7v3dm2xi3s or order it in print: https://amzn.to/3wKXZf7   Romancing a Distant Mountain Romancing
I am SO delighted to announce the release of Eileen Resta's book "I'll Wait For You ~ An Adoption Memoir".
  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Are You Looking For A Collection of Essays of Support and Guidance that will Help
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE https://youtu.be/YCpwkGjjsuw “The Crepe Jasmines” explores the lives of people on the edge of society, their dreams,
CLICK HERE to purchase Are You Looking For A Fantastical, Innovative Collection of Fairy Tales as You’ve Never Heard Them
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE   It is often from the darkest moments of despair that wondrous gifts are born. Such
  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE When the U.S. announced its War on Terror crusade, it painted one specific image of
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE https://youtu.be/7uzm7c49Ucg The air that I breathe in must be held, releasing gradually so as to get
  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Are You Looking For a Collection of Clues, Crimes, and Clever “Who Done It’s” that
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Success in the transitioning world of work—where every company and every business conversation is dramatically changing—demands
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Embark on the journey to freedom with The Ultimate 9 Week Planner! Designed for Ultimate Life's
CLICK HERE to purchase Be careful who you are rude to, for you never know when someone evil will retaliate.
Are You Looking For a Collection of New, Edgy, and Exciting Monologues that is sure to make your Belly Roar
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A war threatens Planet Earth and all of Humanity, with fear and grief at an all-time
Two estranged brothers, a whirlwind European tour, and a bottle of Jack Daniels filled with their parents' ashes . .