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CLICK HERE to purchase Be careful who you are rude to, for you never know when someone evil will retaliate.
Are You Looking For a Collection of New, Edgy, and Exciting Monologues that is sure to make your Belly Roar
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A war threatens Planet Earth and all of Humanity, with fear and grief at an all-time
Two estranged brothers, a whirlwind European tour, and a bottle of Jack Daniels filled with their parents' ashes . .
CLICK HERE to Purchase https://youtu.be/qN7povt-Dac On a mission to capture a terrorist cell Matt Hawk, who we first saw in
If You’re Looking for a Springtime Poetry Collection that invites your Soul to Blossom alongside the Blooming Flowers then Look
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE  “The shots kept coming and we couldn’t pin down the source. We had our weapons drawn,
CLICK HERE to purchase https://youtu.be/6elrsRn1jNE AMAZON #1 NEW RELEASE!!! Are You Looking For a Collection that Roars as Loudly as
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE https://youtu.be/_h3vmzNiIe4 Linda Trott Dickman’s “Robes: The Art of Being Covered” is an impressive debut from a
They've been cutting into Steven Taibbi since the day he was born, and they still haven't stopped. According to the
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE A colony of penguins is known to wait through the winter months for their adult members
Relationships present themselves to us in many forms. While some are as short-lived as a glance across a crowded bar,
  CLICK HERE to purchase Deferred Glory: Heroes of the Baseball Negro Leagues is about the lives, struggles and desire of
After sitting on the edge of our collective seat for the majority of this past year, perhaps the best way
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE "Stand Out" - includes "the best of" The Red Penguin Collection, featuring writers, poets and playwrights
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE As we toss out the 2020 calendars that have been hanging over our at-home workspaces for
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE  https://youtu.be/4YVCwTUjAng These are not typical jailhouse stories. They are about events inside Rikers experienced through the
CLICK HERE to purchase This story is a compilation of my experiences as a grant writer. It will help the
HALF THE CHILD takes place over four consecutive summers in the lives of Michael Mullen and his son Benjamin, who
CLICK TO PURCHASE   How does a letter get lost in the mail for years or decades? Is the check
This is a story of hatred and disunity caused by a husband to three wives who loved two but hated