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Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a tapestry of stunning waterfalls at every turn. After soaking in the magic of the falls,
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE As the Ark rolls on the dark, stormy sea, all onboard try to solve a great
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE “‘Tis The Seasons – Poems For Your Holiday Spirit” brings together poems by over thirty unique
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE https://youtu.be/MB8Dv-_Poho “The Moments”, an anthology of pieces that celebrate the many instances of life most worthy
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE https://youtu.be/n8gce5XJBAk What is hiding in the Forest of The Cuyahoga Valley National Park? Is Bigfoot a
  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE In the first of this thrilling sci-fi adventure series, we are introduced to Kurt Stryder,
In this most recent edition of The Red Penguin Collection, join us as we embark on a spiritual journey that
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE Tales shared through and within generations define our heritage, provide us with empathy over transgressions, and
CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE What do you do when the Ruler of the Underworld comes to Earth and gives you
Welcome to the Cyclist Club! Our club is for selected members only and we are beyond a gathering place for the
Rachel, a young girl, survives a horrible crime and loses her voice, but not her determination to solve the tragedy
It was a cold, dark night and the young boy’s flashlight was nowhere to be found. The camping trip had
Take a trip back in time (before political correctness ruined everything) with three guys from New York on a West
“When it comes to the giants of 20th Century underworld the names you rarely read about are often more interesting
Click here to purchase Today, many of the animals we love - and even some animals we don’t love -
Adventure with our writers on this edition of The Red Penguin Collection as we travel the globe on “A Trip
It is 1911. Crammed into a three-room flat in a Mott Street tenement, the large Taglia family needs all the
Never before in history have we faced such a moment as this, and parents and childcare providers are scrambling to
In "Steaming To Djibouti," join a motivated young merchant marine officer on his first journey onboard a venerable navy auxiliary
Narrated by Julie Luplow. "Hope Remains" by Lori Boarman audiobook is available at the following retailers: Scribd Kobo, Walmart Google
Narrated by JK Larkin and Danielle "How to Be Mediocre" audiobook is available from the following retailers: Audiobooks.com Chirp Google