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Never before in history have we faced such a moment as this, and parents and childcare providers are scrambling to
Hope, kindness, faith, and the beauty of the human spirit. QUEST follows the true adventures of David Lange, a despondent
In the 1930s and 1940s Jewish men and women served as a "fierce resistance" fighting the British government that had
In today’s society the problem of Driving While Intoxicated, or DWI, is more prevalent than ever! Why? For several reasons,
Master Anu Du’Shun has spent his entire existence researching and educating himself on supernatural creatures; separating the myths from the
Without warning, and with the swiftness of lightning, the hammer fell downward. She never saw it coming. She couldn't even
"An anthem, somewhat of a celebration of identity. Of all the verbs, present participles that, when connected, tell a story.
Oceanview, a quiet Hamlet on Long Island with white picket fences, manicured lawns, and little league. On the surface it
Lori lost her son Logan when he took his life in December of 2017. As her life and the way
Angel is a young child living a normal celestial life in the beautiful city of Eden. She is adored by her
This is the story of Bernie, a Brat born and raised in the Bronx His story unfolds in the Bronx
It doesn’t often occur to people that jewelry has stories until you admire a piece of jewelry that someone else
Memories of a lifetime of love together. To leave a Book Review for "Love You More" by Juanita Simpson, Pease
From our first meeting in 1961 thru decades of love, laughter and loss, follow the author through "The Horrors of
Impact is defined as “having a strong effect on someone or something”.  Synonyms include exerting influence and making an impression.
I remember standing there looking at her naked body as she lay on my bed. I knew what was coming.
What is Discernment? More importantly, do we need to Discern in our everyday life? The Answer is Yes!!! Discernment is
Mindy Stern shares her experience of an employer, recruiter, applicant and career coach with real-life stories that will motivate and
A naïve plan to run away and cruel misfortune puts twelve-year-old Robert and his best friend Michael on a British
At the beginning of my talks, I suggest to the audience, "Raise your hand if you'd rather NOT FEEL GOOD
A personal journey, coming-of-age debut book by author JK Larkin. Poetry, essays and art grace the pages of this memoir.