Are You Looking For An Engaging, Unique, and Exciting Anthology that will Grow Alongside Your Kids? A Collection of Children’s
A colony of penguins is known to wait through the winter months for their adult members to return from fishing
Are You Looking For a Collection of New, Edgy, and Exciting Monologues that is sure to make your Belly Roar
Have you ever wondered what writers think about during the hours between midnight and daybreak? “Until Dawn–A Supernatural Anthology” holds
From The Hound of the Baskervilles to Blue and his famous clues, the great mysteries of our time have been celebrating our furry, feathered,
Relationships present themselves to us in many forms. While some are as short-lived as a glance across a crowded bar,
“‘Tis The Seasons – Poems For Your Holiday Spirit” brings together poems by over thirty unique writers that celebrate the
Stepanie and Denise are miracle workers. I could not have asked for a better publishing experience. Stephanie’s ideas and suggestions
Before I became a member of the Red Penguin Books family I wrote and published four true crime books. The
This year I finally set aside time to write my book, a memoir, entitled Nudges From The Other Side. Being
"A friend who had published with Red Penguin introduced me to "Head Penguin," Stephanie Larkin, and I am so glad
Anything You Want! is a modern-day fablethat features Davy Crockett andhis furry frenemy, the greedy grizzly bear. A battle of wits
What if everything you thought was true was just an illusion?On the outside, Manhattan-dwelling Kayla Montero seems to have it
Mac’s perfect world falls apart when Angie breaks their engagement in a crowded restaurant and runs, leaving him sputtering over
There’s a war for the very soul of Brooklyn … and the stakes are higher than ever!When perpetrators of particularly
In scenic Saratoga Springs, ghosts of a dark capitalist past awaken and challenge a young woman’s powers.Julie Sykes, a young
Purchase YOUR Copy Today!What does it mean to you to be more? More happiness, more peace, more confidence, or more
Now including an interview with environmental activist Tracy Frisch.Two-thousand-year-old redwoods once cloaked the northern California coast like bear fur, mesmerizing
A young family’s world is turned upside down after the Iranian revolution leads to a bloody war. Young 12-year-old Pendar